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Household Behavior Coaching ( In-home)

Whether your pet is a cat, a dog, a parrot, or even a exotic, I can help help from the arrival of a new puppy or adopted rescue to the behavioral issues that disrupt the household flow. Together we will come up with a plan of action for the family to help understand and alleviate the issues.   This does take full involvement from all family members and consistency to see results. 


Private training sessions

In addition to working with your family on behavior modification exercises and routines. You can also schedule for me to come to your home and spend 30-60 min with your pet working through different training exercises.  This service is especially good for the busy families or the owner with the occasional longer work week.



Nail and wing trims

 I will trim nails on multiple species from dogs and cats to birds and reptiles including bird wing feathers in the comfort of their own home. Most pets I can safely do with the owner providing comfort and holding. If I need to bring a assistant a small added fee will be added. However, For the safety of the pet if the animal does show severe stress, ( birds can be life threatening)  I will cease for the animals safety and refer you to use your veterinarian.

Pricing : $20 first pet, $5 each additional pet. 

Discount rates for 4 +

Combo $25 wings and nails

Discounted when added to behavior or training fees as well. 

Dog Adventures/Training Adventures

NEW* NEW* NEW* Book Ahead!!!

Dog Adventures: 4+ hours of fun for your dog on trail hikes and beaches!                    (standard structure reinforcement skills). This service is for the already moderately well behave pet to have a fun day filled with enrichment exercises. Ratio of one to two dogs per trainer only. Multiple dogs must be from same household.  These adventures take place on trails, parks, beaches, and so on!

*note this service can also be scheduled with a shorter time frame at a reduced rate for a senior dog at the end stages of life. Offering them a fun filled day at their pace and includes any treats and favorite goodies the owner requests. 

Dog Adventure Training: 4+ hours of fun structured training out in public areas such as hiking trails, beaches, populated city areas and store settings.  ( high structured training with exposure to unfamiliar stimuli) This is perfect for the dog that needs help with phobias and reactivity.  A full consultation and training plan must be in place first! A follow up with the owner is a must afterwards and included to ensure consistency at home. Highly limited to one dog per trainer for full focus on your pet.

Each service is based on a 4 hours, additional hours may be added on for a fee. Photos and video will be taken and shared with the owner at his or her choice of during or after our day. A full email based report will be written that night for the owner detailing our adventures.  Bottled water for your dog and a quick dry shampoo rub down afterwards is provided.  All dogs participating in any of these services must be on flea and tick prevention, and a copy of the current rabies vaccination must be provided so the trainer can keep on them at all times.  All activities are scheduled with the owners approval and ZenPet will not push a dog into a situation he cannot handle. All activities a including training are done in steps to ensure a positive experience. Of course with these services being outdoor based, weather must be cooperative! 

Please inquire about pricing, options, and scheduling.

Limited space! Booking ahead is a must!

- St Patricks Park/ Bertrand Park (SB)

-Notre Dame / St Mary's Campus and lake trails (SB)

- Riverside trails (SB)

-East race riverwalk area (SB)

- River walk Mishawaka (Mish)

-Boot Lake Nature Preserve (Elkhart)

- Ox Bow ( Elkhart)

-Baugo Creek ( Osceola)

- Stone Lake Beach ( dog designated area) ( Laporte)

-New Buffalo Beach ( dog designated area) (New Buffalo) 

-Potato Creek State Park

- Clay Park( SB) 

* More locations added frequently


I can also help recommend services for pet sitting, pet taxi, poop scoop, and dog walking!

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