Hello I'm Betty


The beginning

As a child I was exposed to many species of animals from house pets to farm.  The only things that ever sparked my enthusiasm were animal related.  When I was able to join the workforce as a teenager it was inevitable it would be in a pet store.  I found myself reading on every species I handled with the drive for knowledge, and I wanted to pass that along to each and every person I could. I enjoyed teaching, and helping others problem solve.  College came, and I spent some time working for a Veterinarian, my brain was a sponge!  I did everything from cleaning to assisting in surgery.


Fast forward to kids and pet ownership

Years of raising young children kept me more grounded to the home, but I didn't lose track of my passion for animals and knowledge. Besides my own pets that included exotics I branched out and sub permitted and then held my own permits for wildlife rehabilitation.  I worked with both mammals and migratory birds. I took some classes through the IWRC and also self taught through area Veterinarian instruction and books.  I eventually made the decision to cease, being its costly at the rehabbers expense and my family came first.  I re-entered the workforce and jumped into shelter employment where I worked my way into a Humane Officer position.  This was the biggest turning point of my life that I felt had a real impact. I saw first hand all aspects of issues the community had with animals, from the basic nuisance to criminal. I furthered my education and became nationally certified through NACA and attended conferences that further honed in skills and knowledge.  Being a humane officer wasn't always working with the negative side of animals, I also did outreach and visited schools and spoke out about pet safety and wildlife. 


Last few years

Last few years I have found myself working through a local agency as a pet sitter and dog walker.  It has been very rewarding and I have no plans to stop.  I do feel its finally my time to get out there and help the community.  Many pets are placed in shelters and rescues because owners are frustrated and at the end of their ropes. This is where I like to come in and help, sometimes people just need a hand and guidance. My story won't end here... I am currently and will always continue to add certifications, take classes and so on to grow as a pet behavior coach.  A full binder of certifications and courses taken of higher learning is available for client review at consultations.

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